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Finding Files

Screen-Shot-2014-08-25-at-11.25.00-AM-300x240If you regularly use computer and hard drive back ups, you should have copies of all your important documents.  Thing is, it’s really hard to find them.  With embedded folders and file names that aren’t always consistent, getting your hands on the file you are looking for is a challenge.  Here is one idea (with no extra software costs!) to help you manage your electronic documents.

Use Properties to create TAGS. 

For Windows, right click on documents to open the  Properties option.  Fill in with key reference terms and Explorer will be able to find your documents using those terms no matter where you filed them.  Use shift+right click to manage multiple files at once.  Then, get in the habit of setting up the properties of new documents you create.

For Macs, Control+click on files, select Get Info and edit the Spotlight Comments in the same way: add key words, customer names or other terms that will be handy for future searches.  In the future, Spotlight will find your documents without you knowing the file name.

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