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Is This Robot Printer the Future?

Screen-Shot-2014-08-28-at-10.58.50-AM-300x196If you have seen a Roomba cleaner, you know what a personal robot looks like: It’s a small plastic cleaner on wheels that vacuums or mops your floor using a confusing pattern of concentric circles and arches to cover the entire floor.  Not exactly how your mom taught you to vacuum – but extremely amusing if you have a house pet!

Now Zuta Labs has a fully funded Kickstarter (Over $500,000) that is promising to make a mini robot printer that scurries over your paper to create printouts.  Not a bad idea for people who need a large format print but don’t have the space for a large floor-model printer. Or even people who need to print on the go.

We’re not sure if this will become the next device that everyone will have — but we have to admit we were pretty happy to see an ink cartridge go into the prototype.  Because when it comes to printers of the future, no matter what the new technology will bring, Rapid Refill will be the smart place to go for ink & toner!

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