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Cold Weather Cartridge Tips

When the temperatures drop you might be concerned about your ink and toner cartridges. Left them in a freezing car overnight? Is your office unheated on weekends? Do you have a printer in an unheated cabin or trailer? First, let’s talk about toner. Toner cartridges (the big expensive ones) are used in Laser printers. Toner…

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What That Printer Noise Means

Just like dishwashers and clothes dryers start to “sound funny” before there is a breakdown, printers often try to tell you they are having a problem.  If your printer is loud or squeaking as it “cranks” through a print job, pay attention: Does your printer click or clack erratically as it grabs paper and moves it…

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The Trick to Duplex (2-Sided) Printing

If you have purchased a mid-range or better printer recently, chances are your printer can support duplex – or 2-sided – printing. A great paper and cost saver, duplex printing should be the standard setting for most of your printing jobs. In selecting Duplex printing, however, there is a single setting that can make the difference…

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Is This Robot Printer the Future?

If you have seen a Roomba cleaner, you know what a personal robot looks like: It’s a small plastic cleaner on wheels that vacuums or mops your floor using a confusing pattern of concentric circles and arches to cover the entire floor.  Not exactly how your mom taught you to vacuum – but extremely amusing…

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Finding Files

If you regularly use computer and hard drive back ups, you should have copies of all your important documents.  Thing is, it’s really hard to find them.  With embedded folders and file names that aren’t always consistent, getting your hands on the file you are looking for is a challenge.  Here is one idea (with no extra…

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How A Laser Printer Works: Infographic

Here’s everything you need to know about how a Laser Printer works.  Once you realize that there is real SCIENCE involved: Charged Particles! Chromatic Polymers! Instant Liquification! You can see why using a high quality toner, paper made for laser toner adhesion and a regular service call to maintain all the working parts is so…

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