cartridge for color inkjet printer

Why Rapid Refill?

The greatest benefit of using refillable ink and toner cartridges is the cost savings. The price charged by printer manufacturers for brand name ink cartridge is very high. A single cartridge can easily cost more than $50 depending on the kind of printer you have in your home or office. Refilled ink cartridges cost a small part of that price. Rapid Refill customers can see savings up to 50%. 

In addition, approximately 85% of printer cartridges are discarded after just one use. That totals to over 350 million empty cartridges ending up in landfills every year! Refilling cartridges saves energy and decreases pollution.

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

Founded in 2007, the local, family-owned Rapid Refill stocks an extensive lineup of printing products, including Rapid Refill brand laser toner cartridges and popular brand-name inkjet cartridges, for virtually every printer on the market – all backed by our satisfaction guarantee!

Excellent Business Delivery Services

You won’t have to make a trip to the office supply store when you choose to work with us. We ship toner or drum cartridges right to your door. Rapid Refill can provide quick delivery, usually on the same day, to your business. 

Enjoy the Best Laser Toner Cartridge Value

High quality laser toner cartridges that deliver great printing value are our business. Rapid Refill can provide the cartridge you need for your printer so you never run out. We provide toner cartridges for all major laser printer brands, including:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Lexmark
  • Dell
  • Xerox
  • Samsung and many more

If you have a true specialty printer, give us a call at 813-514-0680 to find out if we have the cartridge in stock or if it is available as a special-order item.